Jun 05 2008

Minamike Okawari 2, Hits Shelves

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At last, we have a second serving of a second serving. Minami-ke Okawari DVD 2 みなみけおかわり 2 hit the streets of Akiba yesterday. While Asread’s take on our favorite trio of sisters isn’t up to Doumo’s first series, anything that brings the three sisters to life is worth watching. The humor is preserved, if the animation quality is not. Since Asread is still a very young studio, I’d say we have to take a wait and see attitude with their work. One thing, what exactly is with the way they animate walking? The OP looks really strange to me. The ED…well, Kanna is a weird one so it doesn’t bother me as much I suppose, but wow, someone must really have a rear-end fetish.

In any case, I seriously think that there should be another spinoff series, “Tales of the Banchou.” While I would prefer if Doumo did the animation, I think Asread could probably pull it off as well.

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