Oct 26 2010

PA Works: Toyama Prefecture Campaign

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PA Works is really on my radar now.  The studio that did such a wonderful job bringing us True Tears, Canaan and of course, Angel Beats! was part of an advertising campaign last year that I didn’t hear about.  I’m very sad about this, because I think that the campaign probably didn’t get the publicity they were hoping for.  Well, once you watch these short clips, you can see why I think that situation really needs to change.

There is a lot of calm, serene direction in PA Works titles. Does it come from being located in a small town? Not sure, but these videos are really beautiful, and can stir up pretty powerful emotions in a very short period of time. Their use of color? Like in Angel Beats! and True Tears, top notch. I see where Tenshi got her cool demeanor from, even if she actually is a Tokyo girl.  If you were touched by these videos the way I was, please spread the word.

As for Toyama, I think I need to take a trip soon.

Longing for a Tear Bringing Sky “Lovers in Tateyama”

Longing for a Tear Bringing Sea “A Friendship on the Beach”

Longing for a Tear Bringing Cuisine “Grandpa in Gokayama”

Link to the “Cool Toyama” Campaign:


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