Nov 09 2010

Pre-Orders Are Hot For 3D Bleach Mousepads

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With the Bleach Movie: Hell Chapter (BLEACH 地獄篇) right around the corner, pre-orders for Bleach 3D mousepads have skyrocketed on, and who can blame them? Although curiously, there are a few well-endowed female characters missing from the 3D mousepad line-up, which only leads us to believe that another set will be announced soon. But in either case, since the recent pique of a major story arc in the Bleach saga, Bleach fans have been sitting on pins and needles eagerly waiting for one episode/chapter after the next and this has probably helped the sales of Bleach items greatly worldwide. Bleach is still going strong and looks to do so for a long time still. Go Bleach!!

BLEACH: Hell Chapter will be released in theaters in Japan on December 4, 2010.

Fortunately, ships mousepads overseas and these ladies are currently on sale. Here are the links if you want more details:
3D Mouse Pad Bleach Yoruichi ブリーチ3Dマウスパッド 夜一

3D Mouse Pad Bleach Rangiku ブリーチ3Dマウスパッド 乱菊

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck ブリーチ3Dマウスパッドネリエル is holding a raffle for a preview showing of the Bleach movie for residents in Japan through their website. Deadline for raffle entry is November 11, 2010.

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