Dec 04 2010

Breaking News: OreImo iP Free App live on iTunes Japan

Well, this just in folks, iTunes Japan has just approved an iPhone application called OreImo iP by Namco Bandai, publisher of the upcoming Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai game for the PSP. The purchase is free, and it uses the same character modeling system featured in the PSP game to use 3D tech to animate a 2D Kirino on your screen, complete with time and battery status.  There is also an information button which sends you to a custom built page promoting the game, including iPhone frinedly youtube CMs for the game.  Kirino reacts to clicking on the screen, and you can use the pinch command to enlarge the image as well as move the picture about.  Oh but wait, there is more…on a hunch, I tilted the phone…that’s right!  Taking full advantage of the accelerometer and the 3D modeling technology, the background moves relative to the character model.  The effect is pretty damn cool…nice job Bandai Namco!

PS-I am not advocating the violation of the Terms and Conditions for iTunes…but if you wanted to download a free application from the Japanese iTunes store…well, you could create an account using a different email address from your American account…and you could fill in your “Japanese address” instead of your American address during the registration process…you know, to be fully legitimate.  Just sayin…


Shot an image of the application on the iPad and uploaded it to YouTube

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  1. Tedon 28 Dec 2010 at 5:55 am

    So Cool!!

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