Jan 08 2011

Cutest Macross Valkyrie Planes EVER!

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They’re back and better than ever! The first time Macross SD Valkyrie kits were released in the 80’s, they were snatched up so fast most of us never had the chance to own one. There were some cheap knock-offs, but they never had the quality or look of the animated SD planes. Finally, the Macross SD Valkyries are back!

They’re called “egg planes” and there’s actually a series of these kinds of kits available from quality kit manufacturer, Hasegawa, although only 2 Macross Valkyries that I can find. The VF-1 and VF-1S are classics and reasonably priced at about $15 US.

The holiday season was fun, but so loud. Rather than fight the crowds, I did most of my shopping online, and then sat down for a few nights of quiet kit assembly. It was a great way to spend the holidays! Sometimes we forget how nice it is to build something with your hands. Patience and attention to detail is sometimes difficult to teach kids these days in a world of instant gratification. We should all appreciate kits more. ♥

For more images and details check out the Amazon.co.jp website links below:

VF-1S : 超時空要塞マクロスシリーズ VF-1S ストライク/スーパーバルキリー たまごひこーき

VF-1 : 超時空要塞マクロス VF-1 バルキリー たまごひこーき (65789)

Also check out Hobbylink Japan’s website. They’ve got photos from the Hasegawa display.
VF-1S Link
VF-1 Link

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