Jan 13 2011

Finally! The Better Chestnut Peeler

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Just another reason to fall in love with Japanese gadgets! These chestnut scissors really work well. They basically allow you to quickly and easily peel chestnuts like an apple, removing both the hard outer shell and the bitter skin just underneath at the same time. And the great news is that they’re available to us in the US through Rakuten online. The Rakuten page also includes an instructional video.

Chestnuts are a joy in the Winter, but annoying to peel. Having tried several methods of making chestnuts easier to peel, this is by far the best! The same company also seems to have a ginko nut cracker, sweet!

Sometimes you come across something new that’s just too good not to share! (If you enjoy Japanese cooking, you might want to spend a little time looking through the Rakuten website. It’s great!)

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