Jan 17 2011

Seasonal Rum Raisin Meltykiss With 3.7% Alcohol

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Meltykiss (sometimes referred to as Melty Kiss) are an addictive, truffle-like chocolate sensation! Every year Meltykiss fans (and addicts) wait to see what limited edition flavors are released in Japan. This year Meiji is presenting a Rum Raisin edition with 3.7% alcohol to help keep us warm during this cold season.

If you haven’t experienced a Meltykiss before, you need to try some! They usually come in a box with 12-15 individually wrapped cubes of chocolate. Each cube is a small bite of a soft creamy center, enrobed in a rich chocolate cube covered in cocoa powder. They’re small and light, but rich in flavor and melt deliciously the instant it hits your tongue. They’re not super sweet, and they don’t give you that “heavy” feeling of being too rich or cloying. Anytime they have special flavors, the flavors seem “real”, and tend not to give you a sense of, “this is just flavoring”.

I’m not sure how “new” the flavor combination of rum and raisins are to Japan, but it’s a classic, and perhaps almost forgotten, flavor here in the US. I recently rediscovered the joy of rum raisin ice cream and despite all of the new, creative, and sometimes crazy flavors that are so fashionable right now (i.e., maple bacon, or salted caramel), we should never forget about the old classics.

The current flavors of Meltykiss are:

Creamy Chocolate
Extra Milk
Rum Raisin

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