Jan 22 2011

CoCo Ichibanya 2011 Spoon Project X Monster Hunter

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Just another reason to eat curry. Sometime every January to February CoCo Ichibanya shops celebrate the anniversary of their curry restaurants with a curry spoon campaign. The event is simple and the prizes are nice. It’s just fun to participate. Just order their anniversary dish, affectional called, “grandmother’s curry”, and you get to draw a ticket from a prize box. Scratch the ticket and you might win a prize, but odds are pretty good that you’ll win a commemorative curry spoon. Which is what many people go there to collect. The spoons are very well made and perfect for curry or the tougher jobs such as a really cold pint of ice cream!

This year there are 2 styles of spoons. One is designed by CoCo Inchibanya and Capcom as a collector’s spoon for Monster Hunter fans. The other is an artistically designed spoon by CoCo Ichibanya nendo (an artist) and Luckywood.The spoon event began on January 17, 2011 and will go on through some time in February. Good luck!

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