Mar 01 2011

Angel Heart 2nd Manga Series and Live Action? at Comic Zenon

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The Angel Heart series has found a new home at Comic Zenon but with a strange twist. Tsukasa Hojo has moved the popular series over from cancelled Bunch Comics but has renamed the series Angel Heart 2nd Season (ANGEL HEART 2ndシーズン). So does that mean that the storyline is changing a little? Perhaps instead of the Angel Heart series being a parallel story to the City Hunter series, it’s now the same storyline. In either case, Hojo-san is now on Twitter and updates seem to be made fairly regularly concerning the progress of the series.

What’s more interesting is that there was an Angel Heart Live Action taping back in October 2010. Has anyone seen any footage? Check out he video below for a brief word from the cast members. They look so much better than the Jackie Chan movie version.

At the end of February, the City Hunter group held a special “Marriage XYZ” party at Cafe Zenon to celebrate the move and welcome fans to their new home.

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