Jul 30 2008

Lair Land Story ~The Promise of a Young Girl~ (レアランドストーリー 少女の約定)

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Lair Land Story – The Promise of a Young Girl (レアランドストーリー 少女の約定) is an adventure and simulation game combined. The game was a huge hit in China, and is now available for the PSP. Here’s the Japanese website.

In Lair Land, a kingdom in turmoil from countless battles, your main task is to guide Chilia, a young girl who has lost her memories. This game comes with two main features; the simulation section allows you to help Chilia gain more skills, the adventure section will give you the opportunity to make many friends with interesting characters. Chilia’s future lies in your hands.

Chilia’s skills can be improved through 4 commands. 15 days will be counted as 1 turn, and you can give 3 commands at a time every 5 days. (This is very much like Princess Maker games.) Depending on each command, Chilia’s chart will show changes. Keep in mind what kind of character you would like her to be when making the scheduling commands.

The Lair Land Kingdom is now struggling to recover from battle. In the adventure section, the player can move around the entire kingdom. Each destination comes with different characters and events.

During the game it is possible to buy furniture and decorate your home! It is also possible to create your own item/tools and medicines. You can buy new clothes for Chilia and dress her up as well.

Expect this game in October. Check out the trailer: http://www.cir-ent.com/lairland/ll_trailer.wmv

The music is pretty good too here.

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