Jul 27 2008

American Idolm@ster Fans Rejoice!

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With the announcement of the PSP version of Idolm@ster, you can now get in on the fun without a Japanese 360 or a long flight to an arcade that still has a machine in Japan! I’m really happy they announced this, but I was wondering if you could really do Idolm@ster on a handheld. Looks like its not only possible, but in the spirit of Idolm@ster where fans will spend outrageous sums of money on the same title, they are splitting the content into three versions, grouping the idols into three groups.

Haruka, Yayoi and Makoto are in the idol group Perfect Sun. Yukiho, Iori and the twins (Ami and Mami) are in Wandering Star. Finally, Chihara, Azusa and Ritsuko are in Missing Moon. I guess that just shows that the blonde Miki really was a 360 only character!

In any case this is the one chance to play this game on a regionless format, so I’m really looking forward to it. Hopefully it will bridge the difficulty of the original without the overly simplistic controls of the Live 4 You game.

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  1. Lone Wolfon 28 Jul 2008 at 5:45 pm


    O-o-okay…saving money and will place order when I get the chance. -_-;;;

    Oh the woes of being a neurotic collector. T_T;;;;;;

    –Lone Wolf

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