Jul 29 2008

Macross Frontier Goods – Sheryl Shirt And More

sato4 from the Macross Frontier Blog, (the same guy who gave us sneak peaks of the Bandai VF-25 figures), posted about the concert ticket sales for Macross Frontier song tour, which are currently sold out, (until they open any new dates), and the Macross Frontier goods that we may eventually see on the Bandai fashion site. (Currently the Bandai fashion site only has 3 Macross Frontier items, from very early on.)

The goods actually looks pretty nice! I like the black Sheryl T-shirt with Sheryl’s signiture in gold. I’m also curious about the muffler he’s wearing, because it doesn’t wuite look like the same design as the one on the Macross Frontier website. The set of 6 mini-towels I might be able to do without…

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