Sep 26 2008

Sushi That Melts in Your Mouth…

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One of the offerings from Suedy\'s Koo-ki Sushi

Sure, classes at the Sushi Institute of America started in Los Angeles this month, but I’m more excited about sushi that melts in your mouth from this shop in San Jose.

The Sushi Institute of America was co-established by the Mutual Trading Company, a premiere Japanese foodservice supplier, and the Sushi industry trendsetter Katsu-Ya Restaurant Group to address the need for skilled sushi chefs in Japanese restaurants across the United States. My SoCal friends used to joke about how the chefs looked more hispanic the closer the Japanese restaurants were to the US/Mexico border, but now with the training available from the SIA, concerns about the authenticity of the food preparation can be put to rest. The SIA basic course sounds comprehensive, covering matters from rice preparation to knife handling as well as Japanese culinary history and philosophy, but there is also an advanced course offered which covers the rest of the Japanese cuisine and restaurant business management.

The founders of the SIA hope to promote sushi-making as an art form, but a San Jose shop is already a step ahead of them. Suedy’s Koo-ki Sushi offers sushi made from untraditional ingredients: cookies and chocolate! Each piece is handcrafted and cleverly resembles its fishy counterpart. The Great White Sushi featured in the picture above is a white chocolate “shrimp” with an almond filling that rests over a dab of green tea “wasabi” on top a rice cookie. It’s like the dessert burger from the Burger Bar in Las Vegas: surreal but still yummy.

(The copy editor in me twitches at the “row” pun for “roe” in their Apricot Row product… ^_^;)

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