Oct 29 2008

Japan’s Prime Minister Visits Akiba

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A couple of sites have mentioned that Japan’s Prime Minister paid a visit to Akihabara to share a few sentiments and show his appreciation of the anime/manga culture. Alafista.com has a more detailed article about the visit. Here are a few quotes from the PM:

“Japan’s subculture of animation has been overwhelmingly accepted in the world. Japan’s culture is not only kabuki. Comic books, our subculture power, have been widely read in not only Asia but Europe, the United States, Latin America.”

“I can cheer up when I come to Akihabara”

The article also mentions that the PM states that he rarely has time to read manga these days with his busy schedule, but that he manages to try and squeeze a weekly magazine or two. That’s understandable. I think that it could probably be misqoted in a bad way, but taken in context, it’s easy to understand how being a Prime Minister can take up the majority of his time.

I’m glad that he’s making a point of promoting the importance of anime and manga. Hopefully, this will also have effects in government funding of grants and projects that will help bring Japanese media distribution into the new century.

source: alafista.com

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