Apr 28 2009

Update: “Last Bullet” a DS Sniper Game Worth Checking Out

Spice and Wolf meets beautiful girls, adventure, love, and shooting… Curious? I am!!!

Famitsu.com has a special webpage for this upcoming game.

Here’s some quick info from the website:

Maker: Furyu Corporation
Release Date: April 23, 2009
Price: 4,800 yen
Genre: Adventure

The brief blurb under the specs reads:

“The Nintendo DS game “Last Bullet“, which was created by Furyu, is an adventure game which combines three elements; beautiful girls, mystery, and shooting. The main character, Hibiki Karin, is a girl whose is fated to become a sniper. The adventure parts of the game depict her growth and her interaction with others. The mission parts of the game are shooting scenarios held under various circumstances. The story unfolds using both these systems.”

Ayakura Juu, of “Spice and Wolf” fame, does the character designs for the game. Here’s a description of the main character, Hibiki Karin:

“She’s a freshman at the Aoba International University who excels at sports and target practice. Thanks to her friends and the people around her, she has been able to overcome a tragic past, including the disappearance of her father and the death of her mother. But, she suddenly becomes involved in a fate where she must fight a battle as a sniper.”

The main description of the “Adventure Part”:

“In the Adventure Part, Karin progresses through the game though investigations at various locations and conversations with people at those locations who are connected to the incident. By touching suspicious locations on the touch screen, information and items can be found that will be the key to the incident.”

More description of the “Adventure Part”:

“As a normal college student, Karin’s daily life is full of studying and love. By selecting answers to various questions, different paths in the story can be taken.”

The main description of the “Mission Part”:

“During the Mission Part, meetings are held where Karin is ordered to shoot designated targets. The missions will be undertaken under various conditions, such as a moving target and bad weather.”

The description of the “Concentration Mode”:

“The game implements various factors which makes shooting more difficult, such as scope movment due to your breathing and bad weather which limits the field of view. In order to counteract these effects, a Concentration Mode is available. Whenever this is activated, all hindrances to shooting are rendered ineffective until the gauge at the top of the screen runs out. This can only be used when firing at targets.”

Finally, a description of the “Cut In Illustrations”:

“At important points in the story, cut in illustrations are used. These illustrations, of course, build the tension for the story, but if all the illustrations are collected, a bonus is unlocked.”

source: Famitsu.com



The official website has added 3 free computer wallpapers for downloading. In addition, more character information is being posted. And the PV is pretty much like the opening credits of the game.

I just got my game, so I’ve got a little catching up to do. I’ll be making notes on the game in the forums section as I figure out how to play the game. So far it’s nice that they pretty much let you save anywhere using the L button. The R button gives you access to a database of the people you meet, etc. The main menu says: New Game, Load, and Gallery. The X button toggles the text window on and off in the top screen. And I like that the first guy you meet is wearing an anime shirt. LOL Name that character on his shirt! ♥

This game is text heavy. It kind of reminds me of Phoenix Wright, but without the English text option. =( Ooo… I get to shoot things! Gotta go!

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  2. GameOrDieon 30 Apr 2009 at 11:04 am

    Tried a little bit of this game after reading this. You’re right – the game is pretty text heavy, but I’m sure it’s an interesting read, much like how Phoenix Wright is like reading a great novel.

    The mission parts, though are short and simple, but that’s not a fair assumption. I’d assume they’d have much more meaning and impact if I could only read and understand the story. It’s like saying Phoenix Wright is nothing more than just tapping the right images at the right time – it’s nothing without the story.

  3. onigirinekoon 01 May 2009 at 6:08 pm

    Yeah I agree. The missions are short and not complicated so far. But I have no idea what’s going on. It’s nice that the Y button speeds through the text, but no idea why she and her dad? are so willing to help out this organization in shooting people. O_o;;

  4. dby2kon 23 May 2009 at 10:56 am

    It’s 4,800 yen without Tax. With tax it’s 5,040 yen.

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