Nov 30 2008

Valkyria Chronicles: Final Report and Quick Unlockable Hint Guide

My save game file says 85 hours, but I know because of a heavy use of saved games (thanks for the protip, Konata) to get past the hardest parts, I can say that it took me probably 100 hours of gameplay to completely unlock all of the decorations in Valkyria Chronicles. I admit, I did have to search online because a few maps, and a few decorations, were just really really hard to figure exactly what you need to do.

What are the hardest decorations to get? Here are my top 3, along with some details on how to get them.

1. Randgriz Crest of Honor (Medal 20)

This medal requires you to clear every map at every difficulty level with an “A” rating. Since the American version does not have “S” ranking, I can’t tell if this is easier than the Japanese game, or if they just made it so the American “A” is equal to the Japanese “S.”

Keep in mind there are:
23 Story Missions
5 “Extra” Missions from “On the Gallian Front”
9 Easy Skirmish Missions
9 Normal Skirmish Missions
9 Hard Skirmish Mission

To get “A” ranks on some maps, you will have to finish the game in 1 turn. The most turns I have taken are 7 turns for Marberry Shore and Naggair Plains. Most maps are 1 or 2 turns.

My best hint here is…don’t focus on annihilation, keep your eye on capping the flag (or whatever other victory condition for a given map) and ignore everything else. Also, if you don’t mind risking Alicia, use a few orders (like caution) to increase her resistance to interception and give her a chance to sprint to victory quickly, bypassing enemies.

2. Excellence in Armament (Medal 15)

This medal requires you to purchase all arms upgrades as well as collecting all Royal (House Randgriz) weapons, as well as capturing all Imperial Ace weapons. To collect all of the Imperial Ace weapons, make sure to defeat the Aces on all maps. Sometimes, they are hidden in obscure corners. One hint is to use the recon request (2 CP) order to reveal all units. To collect all of the Royal weapons may require you to replay some maps, since I don’t see a consistent pattern in what weapons you get, and it may be random. For instance, it took me a long time to get the Mags M30R.

Here are a list of weapons you need:

Rifles (Scouts, Engineers)
Captured Imperial Ace-
ZM Kar 1(g)
ZM Kar 2(g)
ZM Kar 3(g)
ZM Kar 4(g)
ZM Kar 5(g)

Assault Rifles/Machineguns (Shocktroopers)
Mags M30
T-MAG 20
Mags M1R
Mags M3R
Mags M10R
Mags M20R
Mags M30R*
Captured Imperial Ace-
ZM MP 1(g)
ZM MP 2(g)
ZM MP 3(g)
ZM MP 4(g)
ZM MP 5(g)

Underbarrel Flamethrower (Elite Shocktrooper)
FoG 07
Captured Imperial Ace-
VB FW 1(g)
VB FW 2(g)*

Panzerfaust/Lances (Lancers)
Theimer M20
Lancaar-SH M20
Lancaar M1R
Lancaar M3R
Theimer M01R
Theimer M10R
Theimer M20R*

Sinper Rifles (Snipers)
Brondel M20
Brondel M120X
Captured Imperial Ace-
ZM SG 1(g)
ZM SG 2(g)
ZM SG 3(g)
ZM SG 4(g)
ZM SG 5(g)

Armor Systems
Captured Imperial Ace-
Enhanced Block Pin (+400 Tread HP)*
Firing Calculator (+20 Accuracy)*

* Denotes my opinion on Best of Class.

3. Wings of Solidarity (Medal 13)

This medal is awarded when you unlock every single squad member’s full bio in the Personnel tab. I actually think this was the hardest to do, since I tended to pick favorites. There are a few steps to this process, so I will briefly outline the requirements (you end up doing them out of order most of the time, but that isn’t always the case). Ultimately, you will have to finish the game twice to get this decoration.

-Unlock all of the special characters: Mussad (Scout), Lynn (Shocktrooper), Audrey (Lancer), Knute (Engineer), Emile (Sniper). This happens when either someone with a significant other is knocked unconscious (not necessarily dead, as some online FAQ suggest), or when certain milestones in the game are reached.

-Unlock all of the character’s Potentials. Characters earn points towards unlocking potentials by achieving a variety of tasks including rescuing unconscious teammates, capturing bases, etc. Once each character has enough points, visit Castefront Street to talk to Ellet. She will mention that she has interviewed a “rising star of squad 7.” When she does, more information about that character is added to the personnel tab.

-Complete the bio. This was the step that took me a little while to figure out. Once you’ve unlocked every potential (the character no longer has “-” in the list of potentials, a “/” means that no potential is possible in that slot and can be ignored), for every character, reach the end of the game. Once the game cycles through the credits and the game begins again, we are now rewarded with the epilogue for that character. Yes, you read that right, someone wrote an epilogue for EVERY character. Most of the time its a sentence or two, but with around 50 characters, that is still a lot of details.

As you can see, you will have to cycle through the game twice, and get to the prologue to the third time around to get everything. This is because even if you did everything right, you still have to get Mussad, then unlock all of his potentials, then cycle the game again. This isn’t as big a deal as you might think, unless you managed to get “A” ranks on every mission on the first pass. If you did, you probably aren’t reading this guide anyway.

A few notes on weapons.

Most of the time, House Randgriz weapons are superior to the ones you develop on your own. The only tossup comes with the basic rifle, because while the Gallian-S20R has superior firepower, the Gallian-S20 has superior range. Scouts need that range to allow them to engage shocktroopers without entering interception range.

As a historical side note, Germany during World War II used a special designation to indicate the country of origin of a captured weapon that was put into use. For example the Czech tank LT vz.38 was designated as Panzer 38(t), or the Russian T-34 was designated as the T-34(r). Gallia uses the inverse of this convention, adding (g) by a captured weapon name to indicate foreign make in use by Gallian forces. While most of the Gallian weapons are superior to their Imperial counterparts, the one notable exception is the VB FW 2(g).

Also of note are two Imperial tank components, namely the Enhanced Block Pin and the Firing Calculator. Now you might note that I give the Firing Calculator best in class over the Stereoscopic Sight. While technically the Stereoscopic Sight provides +25 accuracy, it takes up twice the space. My own strategy favors accuracy above all else for Edelweiss, so I end up using the Bulletproof Visor, Periscope, Stereoscopic Sight and Firing Calculator for a +57 accuracy. This of course sacrifices Critical Hit armor, Tread Armor and Tread HP, so you might go for a different solution.

In my online searches I also discovered that in Japan an add-on to the game has already been released on the Sony Online shop. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the update will hit our shores in a few months. I’m already maxed out and need more Imps to kill!

Good hunting!

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