Dec 29 2008

Macross Announcements 12/25/2008 – 12/26/2008 Model Contest and Akiba Event

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There were 2 major announcements on the Macross Frontier website:

The 12/25 entry is about a model contest that is sponsored by Bandai and Big West. They are looking for original valkyrie models (the ones that you put together yourself), but you have to use models that are part of the Bandai Macross F Model series in order to be considered. In order to enter, you fill out the electronic entry form and attach images of the original valkyrie. Nakajima Megumi will be judging the entries and the top winner will be able to exchange his winning valkyrie directly with Nakajima Megumi, who will present the winner with a Bandai/Nakajima created valkyrie. Entries can be sent in from 12/25 to 3/2/2009.

The 12/26 entry is reporting the confirmation of a Macross event called “Macross Super Dimension Space Launch Ceremony ~It’s really 2009! It’s 2/22 (Nyan Nyan Nyan), Deculture!” The event will be held in Akihabara and will feature many special guests from the series. The event celebrates the fact that the SDF-1 Macross was launched into space sometime in February 2009 in the Macross TV series. According to the article, this is going to be a really large scale event.

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