Apr 15 2009

The Power of the Internet and K-ON Fandom

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Mugi-chanI guess it’s safe to say that we’re a bunch of K-ON! fans here at Akiba-Station. What impresses me is the wealth of K-ON! information that popped up over the web, and episode 3 hasn’t aired yet. Nowadays we take forgranted that much information is a Google search away; whereas about 20 years ago, anime news had to be gleamed from imported magazines and photocopied fan newsletters — a process that used to take weeks or months. But let me put my grizzled VCR deck away before I digress any further.. ^_^;  Here’s a selection of K-ON! tidbits that I wanted to share:

"Fender" Les Pauldeftoned at Tea Shop Beloved points out a mistake from episode two that will hopefully get corrected for the DVD release.
yui-logic-air-force-by-meshitaTheBigN and his readers at Drastic My Anime observed the musical connections between the K-ON! character names and musicians from P-Model and The Pillows. This connection has also been noted in K-ON!’s wikipedia entry, but I heard it from BigN first.
toyosato_elementary_school_03omo of Omonomono mentioned that location shot comparisons appeared on the web practically the day after episode one aired. True to KyoAni fashion, the school is based upon an actual school location, and you can see two photo galleries here and here.

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