May 16 2009

K-On! Instruments : Fender American Vintage 62 Jazz Bass Guitar

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fender_jazz_americanvintage_bass_k-onA Japanese Fender guitar maker blogged that Mio is using a left-handed Fender American Vintage 62 Jazz Bass Guitar. The closest looking color variation that I could find was the on the Fender website was a Black, Rosewood Fingerboard design, but it still doesn’t look quite right, so I’m wondering if this is the right model.

Meanwhile on the there’s been a growing number of sales on related Fender bass guitars. The closest I found was FENDER-JAPAN JB62-DMC/VSP/3TS. Of course Mio’s was left-handed, but otherwise it looks exactly the same.



Update: According to Canned Dogs and ASCII, Fender has experienced a marked increase in sales of the Mio bass guitar JB62/LH/3TS, especially the left-handed model.In addition, the headphones that Mio uses in episode 5, AKG K701have had an increase in sales. On the otherhand, the Les Paul Standard hasn’t moved much because of the show, so it looks like Mio is the stronger seller than Yui.

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  2. kim09on 27 Jan 2011 at 4:32 am

    can i buy it?

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