Aug 25 2009

When Cicadas Cry + Mahjong = Sexy PSP Game

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cicadas_psp_mahjong_1It’s a PSP game that is a port of an arcade game that is based on the When Cicadas Cry series. It’s called When Cicadas Cry Jan (ひぐらしの哭く頃に 雀) and it will come out on 11/12/2009. According to the article, you can enjoy the Cicadas’ story while playing mah jong against the girls from the series. The PSP version contains a mode called the Tile Breaking chapter which is not found in the arcade version. This mode features an original story that was created under the supervision of the author of the original novel. There will also be original characters in the new mode which did not appear in the arcade version. The game also features images that span 3 screens  that appear when the player wins games.

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