Jan 03 2010

Stationmaster’s Picks

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story01_02It is time again for me to take out a crystal ball and guess what shows I’ll still be watching at season’s end. Life got really busy, but in the short amount of time I could watch new shows, I was pleasantly surprised by more than a few shows that had me begging for more during the previous season, with Seitokai no Ichizon being the top contender for that slot.  In any case, as is my policy, I tend to leave out sequels unless they are somehow different enough to warrant a new listing or just too much not to mention (highly subjective).

Must sees:

So Ra No Wo To

Well, a show like this has the potential to just collapse on itself, but I have high hopes for this military themed show.


I’m a big fan of Ikebukuro (oops, that reminds me that I’m only halfway through IGWP, a live action story about Ikebukuro thugs…hey waitaminute!  ;), so this story revolving around odd characters in Ikebukuro with art from Yozakura Quartet artist Yasuda Suzuhito of course has me interested.


Nodame Cantible Finale

Hmm, a sequel, I know, but I didn’t get to finish the Paris series, so I will use the fact  that the finale is here to get me to hurry up and get caught up.  JC Staff will do well,I have no fear of that.

Give it a try:


Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Based on a light novel, do I even have a choice?  Every time I’ve prejudged shows like this I’ve been wrong, so I will give this show focusing on the reject class of a magical school a shot.


Dance in the Vampire Bund

I’m not into vampires, but the premise of Vampires announcing themselves to the world seems like an anime/manga spin on the recent spate of Vampire stuff to hit American airwaves.  I’m not into that, but maybe the anime/manga version will have enough of a hook to grab me.

Never Say Never?


Ladies Versus Butlers

The premise alone has me pretty skeptical, but I loved Nogizaka Haruka, so who knows what I will think of this show.  Maybe the light novels are cool…



Visual novels have pretty engaging stories, I’m just not into the horror genre…but Chaos; Head did suck me in so who knows?


Hanamaru Yochien

Gainax…ahhh…well, I’m pretty sure this is not the show to make me regain my faith in Gainax…but again, who knows?

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