Jan 22 2010

Underwear With Purchase of Manga?

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yuru_yuri_panty_3Embarrassment has no place in a manga store!

Melon Books is running an unusual promotion for their latest Yuru Yuri (ゆるゆり) manga by Namori. Volume 2 of this slice-of-life yuri comedy has recently hit the bookstores in Japan, but if you purchase both volumes 1 and 2 together, you can get a special panty.

The promotional display seems to describe it as a face towel, but it looks like girls underwear to me.



source: AkibaBlog

Amazon.co.jp link for Yuru Yuri Manga (cute cover) : ゆるゆり 1 (IDコミックス 百合姫コミックス)

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One Response to “Underwear With Purchase of Manga?”

  1. GameOrDieon 22 Jan 2010 at 2:52 pm

    They look like “granny” panties. o_O

    Reminds me of when Najica Blitz Tactics released in the US w/ their own LE panty inside the box.

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