Feb 07 2010

Neko Neko Bakery Bread at Peater Pan’s Bakery and the DS Game

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nekonekobakerypan_1For a limited time starting on February 1st, Peater Pan (・ピーターパン), which is a chain of bakery stores centered in Chiba, will start selling bread based on the “Neko Neko Bakery” (ねこねこベーカリー) series. The characters are originally from a 4 panel comic (4koma)  which runs in a magazine called Chara Parfait,  published by Ascii Media Works. The comic was then later used as a basis for a DS game of the same name. There will be two types, a Neko Pan and a Bucchi Tenchou and the price for either one is 136 yen.


The dark brown bread is the Neko Pan and is based on a bread that actually appeared in the series. It is filled with a fluffy custard cream. The white bread is the Bucchi Tenchou and is based on Butch, the cat who runs the bakery. It is a white bread that is filled with a chocolate cream. Only a limited number of Bucchi Tenchou bread will be made each day.

You can read some of their 4koma on the official Neko Neko bakery website.

source: dengeki.com

nekonekobakery_ds_1Incidentally, the Neko Neko Bakery DS game is quite fun. It’s kind of like a cross between Tetris and Penguin Blocks, ut with cute baked goods instead! Basically, it’s a puzzle game where you try to remove the bread from the level within the given time limit. The catch is that you can only move bread in the direction of the arrow that comes up on the right hand side of the screen. The trick is, if you can’t use the arrow that comes up for that turn, just try to move a bread up against something it’s already next to to burn change the direction of the arrow. I’ve only played the game on easy and medium levels. But if you like puzzles, you might like this game. Plus, the choco coronets are ultra kawaii!!


Neko Neko Bakery DS Game: ねこねこベーカリーDS

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