Mar 09 2010

Detective Conan Reminds Guys to Remember White Day is March 14th

whiteday_2010Detective Conan’s (名探偵 コナン) latest case uses White Day (ホワイトデー) as the background. In file 725, titled “The White Day Murder”, the popular characters in the series each have to deal with White Day and it’s significance in some way in their lives.

A popular holiday in Japan, (and also celebrated in South Korea), March 14th is the sister holiday to Valentine’s Day. Whereas on Valentine’s Day girls give chocolates and sweets to the guys, White Day is the day the guys give sweets to the girls.

But there’s another way of looking at the White Day chocolate giving. If the guy got chocolates on Valentine’s Day and he gives her chocolates in return for White Day, the effort he put into the gift shows the level of his affection towards her. Obviously, it’s a great ploy by the candy and flower industry to raise sales, but if you’re willing to go with the good nature of the holiday, it can be fun too. Here’s a special promotion from Sunkus and Circle K stores. Enjoy!

(If you happen to be visit Tokyo Disney on this day you’ll probably get a special White Day pin.)

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