Apr 25 2008

Welcome Aboard!

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Welcome to Akiba-station! What is Akiba-Station? There are a lot of anime/game/gadget blogs out there, but so many of them out there confuse sarcasm with cynicism. What we want to offer is a slightly different voice. We want to tell our own story, and we want to tell it our own way. We are otaku who have decided to name this website after our favorite place on Earth, the famous train station on the Yamanote line that has become the gateway to the anime/gamer paradise known as Akihabara. Don’t be surprised if we make occasional stops at Ikebukuro (the famous “Otome Road”), Nakano (the new hardcore stop for Japanese anime otaku), Harajuku or Shinjuku as well. This is one big experiment, so I’m sure there will be bumps on the tracks…but in any case welcome aboard!

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