May 05 2008

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Hello everyone. On this page I figured I’d collect some random things about myself.  Unlike Nogizaka Haruka, I am unable to hide my inner otaku.  If you know me in real life, then chances are it isn’t too hard to figure out who I am.  Since I am no longer doing any consulting work for the anime industry or affiliated with any anime conventions, I guess any kind of anonymity is pointless.  I guess the only place I have to be careful is for things related to games, but yeah, I read all those NDAs, so I’m not going to do anything stupid.  This is my place for me to express my inner otaku about anime and games done in an anime visual style.

A few details about me:
-I am what you might call a second wave anime fan (first wave being Speed Racer, second wave being Robotech/Macross/Nausicaa, third wave being Sailor Moon, and 4th wave being Pokemon. Oh I’m getting old since that means we’re probably on a 5th and 6th wave right now). This means I’m in my early 40s (gulp!).
-I work in the American game industry as a producer.
-I was, for a few semesters, a college professor in International Relations with an emphasis on methodology.  If you google search my name, you can actually find my research.  (Yes it is scary).
-I have consulted in the past with a few American anime companies  (To anyone out there in convention fandom that claimed that I worked for one company or another, take a look at my 1099 .  I did anime consulting as a side gig when I was in graduate school to pay for my anime habit, and more recently, I did enough work to qualify as a “hobby business.”  That’s it.)
-I chaired AnimeExpo several times and served on the SPJA Board of Directors.  I was even the CEO of the SPJA for a short time.
-[Updated] I now work for a wonderful company that lets me work from Tokyo. I lived in Akihabara for a month, but its horribly expensive in that area, so now I live in Nakano, along the Seibu-Ikebukuro line (Near AIC, my station was featured in OreImo), so at least I’m in one of the three holy places (Akihabara, Ikebukuro and Nakano).
-I am writing an anime-inspired SciFi lite novel. Right now I’ve written about 180 pages. It involves huge fleets, large space battles, political science and princesses. If you know me, you’d understand that this is perfectly logical.
-I am also currently writing a web manga called Projekt MUSE.  It is alternative history World War 2 humans versus aliens using retro mecha.  If you know me this is also perfectly logical.  Website is:

Here is my Xbox Live Gamercard:

Here is my jXbox Live Gamercard:

Here is my Playstation Portable ID:

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